The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means it’s time for you to begin planning and preparing your Christmas outdoor decoration strategy. It’s important to start a little early on these preparations because you need to see whether you’re lacking any materials to make your festive decorating a success.

You certainly don’t want to wait until close to Christmas time to begin decorating, because you will have missed much of the festive time leading up to the holiday. And if it turns out that you do need some new decorations, you’ll still be able to find what you need in local stores. Continue reading below to learn all about the following holiday decoration ideas:

  • New decoration ideas for 2022
  • How to dress up ordinary outside objects like your mailbox and your windows
  • What to do about exterior lighting
  • How to get help with your holiday decorating
  • When you should begin decorating for the holiday

Armed with this useful information, you can then proceed to get your residence ready for the season, and to enjoy all the compliments you receive from admiring visitors.


Outdoor Decorations trends examples 


Some of the hottest trends in Christmas decorating are depicted below. Some areas of the country don’t have to worry so much about snow covering up decorative holiday displays, but you should be aware that strong winds and other kinds of adverse weather might impact your decorations.


Laser light projections


This is an example of laser light being projected on to a home. The net effect can be really impressive, and it doesn’t take much effort to set it up. The whole neighborhood will probably be asking how you did this, and how they can do the same thing.


laser light projections


Lighting up nearby foliage


If you happen to have a copse of trees near your home, you can achieve a wonderful effect by lighting up the tree line and impressing all observers. At nighttime, this can be a spectacular display, depending on how you arrange your lighting and what kinds of trees or shrubs you have to illuminate.


lighting up nearby foliage


Illuminated globes hanging from trees


If you have a big tree in your yard, it might be perfect to use as a Christmas outdoor decoration, even if it’s not an evergreen. Hanging lit-up globes from low-lying branches can achieve a very decorative and exciting effect, especially if you have some bright and colorful globes to hang.


illuminated globes


Lighted sphere


These spheres can be purchased at many department stores and certainly at some Christmas shops around the country. When you hang some brightly lit ornaments on the arms of the sphere, it instantly lights up your yard, and starts attracting attention.


light sphere outdoor decoration


Net lights


If you aren’t familiar with net lights, they’re a collection of connected lights that all belong to a single, large net that can be draped over an object. These are perfect for applying to shrubs in your yard, and if you have several shrubs in your front yard, you can literally light up the entire yard. It’s an easy way to achieve a dazzling effect for your holiday exterior decorating.


net lights holiday outdoor decoration


When Should I Start Decorating?


You can ask a dozen different design experts this question, and you might get 12 different answers. However, the consensus of opinion seems to be either in late October or November for decorating. This gives you ample opportunity to beat any nasty weather that might be coming later, and it also takes one major task off your holiday list of things to do. That frees you up to accomplish other important tasks when they have to be done.

Some people like to wait until right around Thanksgiving for their Christmas outdoor decorating, but that can cause a time crunch with other activities around that same time. If you have guests coming for Thanksgiving, you probably won’t want to be busy decorating your exterior, and you’ll probably want to give them a good preview of how you’re decorating.

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to turn on your exterior lights in October or November. All you really need to do is to have them in place, and then you can actually turn them on whenever you feel it’s appropriate. Whenever you decide to start decorating, make sure to give yourself plenty of time during the season to do other holiday tasks.


Invest in All-Year Round Christmas Decorations


 Fortunately, there are Christmas stores open all year round, so you can literally buy any decorations you need at any time of year. If you don’t have a year-round shop in your area, there are plenty of online stores that can accommodate your decorating needs. To obtain all the different kinds of lighting you might need for the season, be sure to check out the inventory available at Mid-South Holiday Lights. One of the big advantages of investing in year-round Christmas decorations is that you have much less to do when it comes time to decorate for the actual holiday.

There are plenty of ideas you can use for your year-round decorating strategy, starting with a festive all-occasion tree. This mini-tree can be used for all the holidays, and can include some special lighting or other decoration for Christmas outdoor decoration. Exterior door wreaths are another good year-round idea, and they add cheer to your household every day instead of seasonally. Another great idea is having a holiday cloche, which is an enclosed object that is used to display something in particular. At Christmas time, your cloche might include a Nativity scene, but at other times of the year, it might feature pilgrims and turkeys, or an appealing summer scene.


Christmas outdoor decoration taking over 2022


Decorating your exterior is a great way to get your whole family into the holiday spirit, and it can show your neighbors and your whole community that you hold Christmas special in your heart. That’s why many residents have adopted the practice of sprucing up their home’s exterior with some bright and colorful decorations.

Some of the ideas you can use for exterior decoration are described below, but you can certainly add any original ideas to the list. You can’t really overdo holiday decorating, so don’t worry about your efforts going overboard. If it looks good, and it makes you feel more festive, it’s probably a good idea, so just go ahead with it.


DIY Paper Decorations


If you really have an artistic nature, you can make your own paper decorations and the sky is the limit on exactly what you might do. You can create flowers, trees, snowmen, stars, pinecones, and anything else your mind can envision. With these, you’ll just need to find a way to protect them against the elements, so they don’t get washed away by the first heavy rain or snow.


DIY Paper outdoor Christmas decoration


Owls, The New Christmas Mascot


Owls have become the outrageously popular Christmas mascot, and to install several on your home’s exterior, you can either buy them locally or make your own. There are endless design ideas you can choose from, and your fellow community members will all appreciate the effort you put into making these mascots.


Maximalist Decorations


Maximalists have the ‘more is more’ approach to holiday decorating, and that means just about everything is fair game for the holidays. Note that this approach doesn’t really mean cluttering up your exterior, just putting as much decoration as possible around the residence, in a cohesive themed approach.


Maximalist outdoor christmas decoration


Colored Glass


Colored glass decorations don’t have to be lights, but can include angels, ornaments, and even mini-Christmas trees. If you can find colored glass decorations that can be illuminated, they will stand out much better, and add a festive quality to your decorating.


Holiday Mailboxes


There are lots of ways you can decorate your mailbox for the season, including wrapping it with some tinsel. You can also attach some snowflakes, ornaments, or other seasonal objects to add appeal to an ordinary mailbox. Make sure it doesn’t interfere with the mailman’s access but feel free to spruce it up as much as possible.


Christmas mailbox decoration


Decorated Windowsills


This is one of the more traditional ways to decorate your exterior, and it remains one of the most popular, because so many people have their attention drawn to your windows. If you’ve lit up your windows with some multi-colored lights, everyone will appreciate your decorating scheme.


Christmas Light Orbs


Another very popular and long-standing decorating tradition, Christmas light orbs immediately convey a sense of the festive holiday feeling. These orbs can be placed anywhere outside, on your porch, in surrounding trees, or hanging off shrubs in your yard.


Christmas Light Balls


Ice Skates Wreaths


The ice skates are, of course, a sign of the season, as are wreaths, and the best place to hang these up is on your door. Ice skate wreaths can be purchased at your local Christmas shop or by shopping online at a number of different vendors, such as Amazon.


Birdseed Ornaments


Many holiday stores offer birdseed ornaments for the holidays, and these can be appreciated by human observers as well as flying observers. They come in all kinds of shapes, like snowmen, birds, bushes, and even Santa Claus himself. Your birdseed ornaments might just attract some flying friends to your yard, so be prepared for that as well.


birdseed outdoor ornament


Light Wrapped Trees


If you have an evergreen tree in your yard, it will probably look great when wrapped with either white lights or multi-colored lights. This is a great way to bring Christmas right into your yard and to show everyone that it’s a special season for you.


Outdoor Christmas Lights Are a Must!


 You can’t overlook having some outdoor Christmas lights in your yard, because that illumination at night can be positively enchanting. It will add to the festive nature of the season, and it will make your home one of the bright spots in the neighborhood. It might require some effort, but it’s truly worth whatever time you put into it because everyone will love it.


Need Help Setting Up Your Outdoor Christmas Decorations?


If you don’t have a spouse or children that are adept at installing Christmas decorations, and you don’t want to do it yourself, there are still some options for holiday decorating. Almost every community in the country has local handymen who will be glad to lend a hand with setting up your holiday decorations. You can find professionals in your area that have experience with holiday decorating when you visit this website. An even better alternative would be to contact Mid-South Holiday Lights and work with their design professionals to create the perfect display for your exterior.


Brighten up your holiday with some great exterior decorations


It means a lot to people when they can enjoy a brightly lit, multi-colored display in someone’s yard, and it adds to their appreciation of the season. Each time you step outside during the evening, you’ll instantly be greeted by the festive and appealing decorations you’ve setup outside, and that will put you right back in the spirit for the season. This is one of the very best ways of adding to your enjoyment of the holiday season, and of helping to put others in that same frame of mind. The professionals at Mid-South Holiday Lights can help you to light up every aspect of your exterior if you choose, or they can advise you on how to get the most from a limited budget, and still achieve an impressive holiday display.