Nothing is better than decorating your home, especially if you want to make it dazzle inside and outside for guests around the holidays. There is room to set up a festive scene regardless of the size of your space, whether you have a small balcony, a magnificent patio setup, or a large backyard.

Christmas garden decorations are essential for embracing the holiday spirit, and picking the perfect ones will help to brighten your outdoor area. Continue reading to learn how to decorate your home for Christmas!


How Can I Decorate My Outdoor Christmas

The following ideas will guide you on how to decorate your outdoor Christmas.


Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas For Your Porch


Choose An Outdoor Christmas Tree


With a stunning tree, you can bring the holiday spirit outside. Pretty outdoor Christmas trees are the ideal way to light up your yard and make it the best show on the street, whether subtle or over-the-top.

The decision of an outside tree involves many factors. Do you prefer a natural tree over an artificial one that you can use yearly? Does it have the strength to resist the winter weather? Where will you put it?

Traditional trees like spruces and ferns are among the most popular choices, but artificial outside blooming trees (which don’t require watering) can make for visually stunning displays. The same holds for modern cone trees with multicolored lights, starbursts, and twig trees.



outdoor holiday decorating tree


Hang The Lights


Spend some time adding outside Christmas lights to make your lawn shine. There are countless ways to illuminate your landscape, from wrapping tree branches in lights to burying solar stake lights in the ground.

Need ideas? For just the right amount of sparkle, wrap tree trunks with fairy lights and string a cluster of lights around the house’s roof. You may also hang icicle lights around the front or back door (or even a shed or summerhouse).

Aesthetic lighting is essential for maximizing an outdoor space in the winter. A well-lit garden becomes pleasant and welcoming for a catch-up with friends or loved ones, especially on crisp, chilly evenings. The ideal way to decorate is in layers from the ground up. Consider using low-hanging lanterns, tabletop decorations, and string lights around the house and trees.


hang the lights


Keep The Fire Burning


A fire pit may make all the difference despite the impending winter cold. Even though it can seem more sensible to stay inside when the weather gets chilly, a roaring fire (and a soft blanket) might let you enjoy your yard for longer.

Several of the best fire pits to take into account if you didn’t buy one this summer are enormous steel chimineas (which also let you cook a wood-fired meal), a steel fire pit, and spherical clay fire pits, perfect for smaller settings.

Christmas is all about spending time with the people you love while toasting chestnuts by the fire. Gathering around the fire pit can extend the living area outside. Your guests may unwind and rest in a more intimate setting thanks to the firelight.


outdoor holiday fire pit

Add Decorative Accessories And Ornaments


Outdoor Christmas decorations have a certain allure, especially as rows of homes start to put wreaths on their doors, hang garlands, and turn on sparkling figurines for onlookers to enjoy.

Christmas garden decorating can seem complicated, especially when it’s chilly and icy outdoors and only a few people want to be outside. However, setting up a lovely scene in your yard can give an additional degree of aesthetic to spread holiday pleasure.

Need help deciding which option to make? Consider exciting light-up reindeer or animal figurines if you want to make your backyard a kid-friendly area. Keep it neat and classy with a new door wreath and potted tree for something more conventional that’s perfect for a front garden.

For a balcony, hang a garland over the top railing and attach a wreath or swag. Again, pre-lit decorations are preferable because they will sparkle at night.


Outdoor holiday ornaments



Choose Festive Christmas Plants


Christmas is a great time to decorate your garden with festive hues like red and white, and flowers like hellebore (Christmas rose) are an excellent option. They have large, space-filling leaves that are pastel pink and white and typically produce them between late winter and early spring.

Another option for a white flower is the Clematis Jingle Bells, which blooms from December to January and has a striking white color. However, given that they can reach a height of five meters, clematis Jingle Bells will require some pruning to maintain their current size.

Holly (Ilex aquifolium), a hardy evergreen shrub that will produce an abundance of red berries and offer tons of rich, magnificent color to your outdoor space, is the one thing that genuinely says “Christmas.” Additionally, you can take cuttings to make wreaths, swags, and other items.


outdoor holiday festive plants


Don’t Forget A Place To Sit (with a blanket)


It’s time to make a cozy (and warm) seating area in your garden now that it has been decorated for the holiday season. If you’re fortunate enough to have a pergola, add magic by stringing hanging ornaments or twinkling lights to the wooden beams. Create a lounging area around a blazing fire if you have a bench or garden sofa by layering it with pillows and blankets. Buy a small bench and add comfortable seat cushions for balconies, or pile up with thick floor cushions and outdoor bean bags, depending on the size.


xmas blanket and plush doll


Holiday Decorating Ideas For Your Garden And Backyard


Many people imagine their garden to be barren and inactive at this time of year, but if you look deeper, your backyard is packed with ideas for holiday decorating! So as you prepare for Christmas, take into account these organic possibilities for giving your house a timeless, festive appearance:




Cuttings from these evergreens can produce a lovely emerald backdrop for the rest of your décor, whether gathered from your yard, pruned from firs or pines, or recycled from branches cut off the bottom of your Christmas tree. Bunches can be tied together with ribbon to serve as door hangers, or wire ring bases, readily available at craft stores, can be used to make your wreath. Make sure the needles all point in the same direction and use the florist’s wire to attach the clippings to the ring.




 Foliage from magnolias is beautiful and free! If you don’t have them in your yard, take a walk, and you’re sure to find some. A garland from these leaves framing your front door would be a showstopper. A magnolia leaf wreath could also make quite a statement. If that’s too daunting, consider using individual leaves as gift tags or place cards for your holiday table. You can write their names with paint pens or spray the leaves gold for an even more significant impact. 




Twigs can be used in countless ways to add a festive touch. Truly, twigs! Gather branches and twigs and put them in a pot or vase for a rustic look. Spraying branches with gold or silver paint or dipping them in glitter or faux snow will add some brightness. Several tutorials are also available for fun Christmas stick crafts and ornaments.




Pinecones should not be overlooked! You will undoubtedly find too many of these nearby, whether in your own yard or another location in your community. There are several ways to bring these indoors this season, including wreaths, centerpieces, and adorable holiday crafts. Pinecones can be given a whole distinct appearance, much like twigs, by simply spraying them with your preferred glitter or dipping them in it. If your table setting is missing place card holders, they make particularly nice substitutes.


What Are The Most Popular Holiday Decorations?


Decorating homes during the holiday season is something that many people look forward to doing. Some people accumulate decorations over time, while others replace them to stay current with trends (like farmhouses!). Here are some of the best Christmas decorations to add to your collection, whether you are starting your holiday decoration collection or finishing it off.


Christmas Garland


Make the ideal holiday display with a lovely garland. Use lifelike green pine garland if you want to achieve the classic Christmas look. A frosted garland with a snowy appearance may provide a cheerful entrance into any room. White garland is an additional common choice for garlands. Whatever your taste, Christmas Central has garlands for your mantle and entryway.


Christmas Garland



Christmas Wreaths


With Christmas wreaths, homeowners have long welcomed guests and adorned their houses.

One of our best-selling items is traditional green Christmas wreaths. They come either unlit or pre-lit. Wreaths that aren’t ornamented are a designer’s fantasy. You can include amusing decorations, ribbons, Santas, or other amusing accents that go with your design or aesthetic.

Alternatively, you can save time by purchasing a pre-made, pre-lit specialty wreath that includes your preferred berries, pine cones, and lighting. Whichever you select, you can be sure it will provide a festive touch to your house both inside and out.


christmas wreaths



Christmas Tree Ornaments


Without a couple of your favorite Christmas ornaments, no tree is complete. They are versatile and have lovely designs, so you can put them nearly anywhere. There are Christmas ornaments available in both solid and vibrant designs that are ideal for your tree or display.

  • Glass Ball Decorations
  • Break-resistant ornaments
  • Ornaments with Icicle-Designed Finials
  • Ornaments with Santa Claus


Christmas Tree Ornaments



Classic Outdoor Christmas Decoration


With the help of these outside Christmas decoration ideas, you can make your home’s exterior as festive as the interior. Get motivated by the lovely plants, sparkling light shows, and other outdoor Christmas decorations that bring the holiday spirit to your door.


Colorful Surprise


You don’t have to stick to the standard red and green for your outdoor Christmas decorations. Unexpected colors like fuchsia, teal, purple, and royal blue can give your front porch a similarly lively feel. For a colorful explosion of holiday cheer, surround your front entrance with pretty wrapped gifts and large lanterns packed with colorful ornaments.


xmas colors



Welcoming Windows


Each of your front windows can be decorated for the holidays by hanging grapevine wreaths. To add glitter, wind string lights around the wreath forms. For a more rustic look, hang the lights from burlap ribbon. To give the ribbon some seasonal color and depth, tuck pine sprigs inside of it.


xmas windows



Cranberry Luminarias


It’s simple to put this low-cost outdoor Christmas idea into action. Stocky glass vases are filled with fake snow, genuine cranberries, or fake cranberries if you’re concerned about attracting wildlife. A pillar candle is placed within each vase, along your front walkway, place bundles of fresh holiday foliage, and top with your lovely luminarias.


cranberries luminarias



The Minimalist Approach to Christmas Decorating


Follow these three steps to create a minimalist decoration for your Christmas holiday.


Reflect On What Matters The Most To You And Your Family


Since everyone’s definition of minimalism is unique, Christmas decorations will likely differ from mine.

Joshua Becker’s definition of minimalism, “Simplicity is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it,” is one I frequently go to when determining how to apply minimalism to any area of our lives.

This definition means that minimalism is highly subjective; what you most value will almost certainly be different from what I most value, as well as what we consider distractions.


Questions You Should Ask Yourself


What decorations actually enhance your Christmas? What would a perfect Christmas feel like to you?

What To Do: Close your eyes for a moment and picture your house during the holiday season. What catches your attention? Sights, sounds, and fragrances. If it weren’t there, what would you miss?


Only Take Out The Christmas Decorations You Remember


If you don’t remember, you might not have needed it in the first place.

It’s amazing what happens when you decide to use all the Christmas decorations you have stored away in the basement, even though this sounds like such an easy task. Because all the items you never even gave a second thought to suddenly appear indispensable when you open those Christmas storage bins stuffed full of green and red everything.


Add To Your Christmas Decorations What Is Notably Missing


We sometimes accumulate countless containers of holiday decorations to discover that they don’t actually make us happy. The clutter keeps us from truly observing.

The few things that would make Christmas the most meaningful to us are frequently absent. We have so much that it makes us feel bad to add to the confusion.


Expert Tips For Hanging Outdoor Christmas Decorations




  • Make sure you get the correct kind of batteries to last the full season if your outdoor garland is pre-lit.
  • To hang garland, use rope and eye hooks.
  • Choose between hanging a garland in a straight line or swag.
  • For added support, adorn the center with heavy, lengthy garlands.
  • Before and after hanging a garland, always fluff it.


Christmas Wreaths


  • Stock up on batteries for your outdoor wreath that is pre-lit so they will last the full season.
  • To hang wreaths, use outdoor adhesive hooks. Before applying the glue, clean the area with alcohol on smooth, non-porous doors and windows.
  • Wait some time after applying the adhesive hook before hanging a wreath. This makes sure it doesn’t move.
  • Always fluff your wreath before hanging it and thereafter.


Final Thoughts


Christmas is an incredibly exciting holiday, families get to spend quality time with each other, and you want to make every moment count. Remember that the most important factor is what matters the most to you and your family. More importantly, Christmas should be fun, and if all these sound too much for you, reach out to the holiday professionals at Mid South Holiday Lighting who can help you from planning to execution (and even removal!). Doing this will afford you enough time to focus on what really matters to you.