The Importance of Permanent Christmas Lights and Why They Are Worth It 

The seasonal cost of installing and removing Christmas lights is expensive. And if statistics are anything to go by, it will only get more expensive. Research showed that Americans now spend $10 more on holiday decorations than they did in 2015. Also, the prices of installing Christmas trees and lights were significantly more expensive in 2021 than they were in previous years. 

Here, we detailed everything you need to know about permanent Christmas lights. You should read this to know what permanent Christmas lights are. How durable they are, the advantages they have over seasonal Christmas lights, and the amount it will cost you or your business to have them installed.


Introducing an Alternative to Seasonal Lighting 

As someone who loves to celebrate Christmas, shedding plenty of dollars every season to make the most of the holiday is absolutely reasonable. But what if you could cut the long-term costs of the amount you spend on not only Christmas decorations, but for the holidays in general? That means not spending separate money on installing lights for Halloween, the Fourth of July, or even Easter celebrations. Think about having permanent lights that could blink the regular red and green for Christmas but also blink red, white, and blue for your Fourth of July barbecue. You could even have white for Easter and orange for Halloween.  

House With Permanent Christmas Lights



What Are Permanent Christmas Lights? 

Permanent Christmas lights are similar to traditional lights that can also be used for other holidays. The installation of permanent Christmas lights is a one-off process that serves as an alternative to seasonal installation and removal. With millions of colors and hues, they can be used for every holiday you could possibly imagine. Regardless of whether you pay a professional to install your Christmas lights or you get them up yourself, permanent Christmas lights are a good investment with many advantages.

Installings Christmas Lights



How Much Do They Last? 

The general consensus on permanent Christmas lights is that they are very sturdy and durable. The durability of permanent Christmas lights depends on multiple factors. For one, the kind of lights you have on determine its durability. As an example, the recent LED lights tend to last much longer than the traditional incandescent lights. While traditional incandescent lights typically last for about four to six years, LED lights last for about seven to ten years. 

Also, the rate at which you use your lights affects how long they last. For instance, lights that are turned on only on holidays will last much longer than lights that are turned on all the time. Lastly, where you use your lights also affects how long they last. Rough weather conditions have negative effects on LED lights, so using your permanent Christmas Lights outside makes them less durable compared to using them inside.



Are Permanent Christmas Lights Worth It? 

It is difficult to estimate the exact cost of putting up permanent Christmas lights. Various factors like the building you are getting the lights installed in, the place where the building is situated, and the general nature of the project determine the cost of putting up permanent Christmas lights. 


Costs Of Permanent Christmas Lights

However, the overall cost (lights and installation) of getting the lights up ranges between $200 – $1000 depending on the nature of the building and the difficulty of getting the lights installed. 

The cost is way less than the estimate given if you choose to install the lights yourself. Ultimately, when you compare the one-time cost spent on permanent lights to the seasonal costs that will be spent in seven to ten years, you realize the financial advantage that comes with choosing permanent Christmas lights.


DIY Vs Hiring A Professional

Getting your permanent Christmas lights installed yourself is good because it saves costs and can also be fun if you enjoy doing it yourself. However, the potential hazards of self-installing your lights make hiring a professional a safer bet. If you are unsure whether you can successfully navigate every aspect of your electrical system, it is better to hire a professional. Saving the fun for other harmless Christmas activities is better than suffering the pain of an avoidable accident.

professional xmas lights installation

Are They Allowed By HOAs? 

HOA and ACR committees frequently approve permanent lighting.


Why Choose Permanent Christmas Lights 

Avoids Set-Up And Take-Down Struggles

Having permanent lights not only saves you money, It also saves you time. Choosing permanent Christmas lights means you do not have to get to the roof or shed, avoidable expenses every time there is a celebration or a holiday. You get to spend more time with the people you love by spending less time installing lights.


They Are Invisible When Not In Use

Using seasonal Christmas lights gives you two options when planning removal: you either leave the lights up for as long as you can, or remove them and store them when they are not in use. And let us face it, you do not want to be the clown who has Christmas lights up on their roof deep in the summer, so you are left with just one option. Removing Christmas lights and storing them, as easy as that may sound, is actually a complicated activity that needs ultimate care and attention. To ensure that your Christmas lights are safe, you would have to wrap them with tissue paper and then use cardboard or a coat hanger… I mean, isn’t that kind of stressful?  

On the other hand, permanent Christmas lights are designed to be invisible when they are not in use. Instead of having to go through the stress of removing and storing your Christmas lights, you can have them up permanently.

Installed Christmas Lights



Customizable Using Your Phone

There are a few things you can not do on your smartphone nowadays. Decorating holiday lights should not be among those few things. The advent of permanent Christmas lights has made it absolutely possible to do this on your phone. You can control permanent lights on your phone with a designed application. With the use of an application, you can toggle it on and off, change and combine colors, schedule a display, and so on and so forth.

Customize your christmas lights


Makes Your Home Safer

Not needing to install lights every time you want to have a celebration is not just a big flex, it is also a safety net. With permanent lights, you do not have to worry about climbing a slippery ladder or toying with a dangerous electric object. You can do everything on your phone after a one-time installation has been carried out.


You Can Use Them For Every Occasion

Yeah, still weird, right? How can something named Permanent Christmas Lights not be just for Christmas? Well, it just is not. The presence of millions of colors means permanent Christmas lights can be used for any imaginable event. You can combine red and white if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day. Orange and black for Halloween. Red, white, and blue for Independence Day. You can even program it to display the colors of your favorite team.

Halloween themed christmas lights



Environment And Money Friendly

LED lights have changed the game. Research by the United States Department of Energy showed that LEDs use about 80 percent less energy than incandescent lights and last 25 times as long. And it gets better when it is permanent. Choosing permanent Christmas lights makes it easy to control the hues of your lights, a positive superpower when you consider the effect that lights have on the environment and your body. 

Lights do not only affect the quality of your sleep, they also affect nocturnal animals. According to scientists, blue and white hues affect wildlife three times more than yellow and green hues do. For instance, Salmons, one of Americans’ favorite fishes, are attracted to lights. They typically follow the lights, which regrettably take them closer to predators and eventually put them at risk of extinction.


Energy Saver


Beyond an Alternative   

Permanent Christmas lights are much more than just alternatives to seasonal lights. Their characteristics and the numerous advantages they bring make them an essentiality. The significant cost advantage they have over seasonal lights makes them an easy buy. The one-time installation that could last as long as ten years makes them a safety net. The absolute control they give you through your smartphone makes them fun, easy to use, and enjoyable. The ability to alter them to fit any occasion at any time makes them awesome. The environmental benefits they offer make you humanitarian. Their invincibility feature makes them cool.

When you consider all their advantages, you realize that they are worth the extra penny.